Time Lapse

by Past Undone

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released July 21, 2013



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Past Undone Sintra, Portugal

Past Undone are a band from Sintra, Portugal, formed by André Reis in the guitar, Liliana Boaventura on the bass, Sara Henriques on keyboards and Vitor Dantas on drums, all of them contributing to the vocals. The band plays metal with Jazz, Gothic and Doom influences.
It rose from the shared initiative of all four members, in the beginning of November of 2012.
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Track Name: Condemned by Scars
My scars!
Are marks left behind
From choices, who remind me the past is real
They sew my soul to my body
They make me feel

I don't regret all this pain
'Cuz is part of who i am!

The Scars are the keys
They open all your memories

You can't hide
You've got the prove in your skin
Tell us the true!
Do you realize your sin?

There's no place you can go
Your words will take you low
For the things you keep inside
Make even God doesn´t want you by Him side!

The scars are lines in my diary of insanity
They feed my vanity
Each one of them tells a story
That fills me with glory
I'm not worse than God who takes lifes away
And don't forget that He does this everyday
I'm His creation, I'm God's Son!
Track Name: Place in Heaven
Place in Heaven (LYRICS)

I am searching for your voice
In a place where we've lost ourselves
Call me 'cuz I am
Waiting for a place in Heaven
The final destination
Call me 'cuz I'm here

This night whispers my name
As an act to proclaim the flame
Take me with you
Guide me with your voice
Death is my choice

Take my hand
And keep my sins away
Give me a place to stay, release me...
From this pain

Place in Heaven

Look what have you done
From death you can't return
Follow the light and
Guide you by the echo on distance!
Don't be scare now you feel no pain
From the past only ashes remain
Your memories will start to fade away
From this day!

What is this place?
I've never seen a place so strange
I've got tears in my face
Wasn't supposed to feel no pain?
Where is the voice? Who called my name?
"From the past only ashes remain"
My memories should start to fade away
But they still stay...
Track Name: Time Lapse
Time Lapse (LYRICS)

The Time is passing by!
And somehow i knew you couldn't stay no long
why those years seemed to pass so fast
I'm sorry to missed your last... words

Aqui me deixaste só
Depois de tudo o que por ti fiz
Ao contrario de mim
Espero que morras feliz

But no!
You don't have the right to come and torment my head
Now you must realize that you are simply dead

Eu contei os dias
Contei as horas
Passei noites sofridas
De tristes memorias
Oh vida ingloria
O que eu esperei por ti...

As minhas mãos
Velhas e frias estão
Nunca me viste assim?
Olha para mim!
Oh triste sorte...
Não chegaste antes da morte...